The six international conference of eses, 2014
 On behalf of the Egyptian Society for Environmental Sciences (ESES), it is our great pleasure to welcome you to the 6th International Conference on "Genetics, Biotechnology and Sustainable Development in Safe Environment". We are delighted to welcome all delegates to this event. We hope that you will enjoy the Conference and your interaction with your colleagues from many different countries will stimulate a creative exchange of ideas and will be personally rewarding. Our purpose is to share scientific knowledge and research results as specific sessions served as a platform for interactive discussion among participants.     You can find more information on the conference web site or you can visit Society page on facebook :        Read More

The Egyptian Society for Environmental Sciences

Introduction:Recently, the environment has been the topic of the hour, the whole world started to pay a great attention to the environment as a strategic choice to conserve the natural resources which will ensure the continuity and sustainability of these resources in the future.Sinai Peninsula and Suez Canal area are characterized by their geographical importance and their richness in natural resources which include plants, animals, geological structures and marine habitats.The natural resources of Egypt, Read More
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